Close to the bees – with our bee keeper Zoé Kladi

Where does our thyme honey come from? We visited out bee keeper Zoé Kladi, with whom we don’t only share the name Zoé (greek: life), but also our philosophy about natural food.

Zoé Kladi’s passion are her bees, who she takes care of with much love. We believe you can taste this in the honey.

Most of the time the bees live in their hives in Duliana in our region called Apokoronas. This is where we visited Zoé today. We have never been this close to them. Ok, they were calmed a little bit with the smoke of natural herbs.

When the thyme is flowering in the south of Crete (June, July), Zoé brings her bees into these regions so they can collect lots and lots of thyme nectar.

Our actual honey contains 38% of thyme. This is only possible in Crete, where we have large regions of wild thyme. If you hike in these regions during the flowering of the thyme, you can even smell it in the air. .