500ml – olive oil extra virgin non filtered


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Greece, West Crete, Apokoronas, olive groves around the little village of Machari
obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means in a stone press
extra virgin (superior category of olive oil), certified without chemicals
slight bitter taste, grassy note
not filtered, naturally hazy  

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An oil with family tradition

The family of Konstantinos Kokolakis owns olive groves around the village of Macheri. With old family tradition the olives are grown without the use of pesticides. The olives are hand picked very early in November and pressed in the local olive press in Stilos.

Konstantinos Kokolakis: „Gently we take care of our olives and press them in the locl olive press. In this il you can taste the traditions of Crete.“


Taste Crete

This unfiltered olive oil of Kali Zoé comes from the region of Apokoronas in the north-west of Crete. The olives are harvested very early an the oil therefore has a characteristic and lightly bitter taste, which can only find in cretan olive oil.


Early harvest and non filtered oil

These Koroneiki olives are harvested early in November, therefore containing many polyphenoles. The olives are carefully pressed into live oil and the oil is not filtered. 


Highest quality

Every year, the olive oils from Kali Zoé are tested in independent laboratories and their purity and quality are confirmed.


100% Crete

Our olive oils are not mixed: they are 100% from the Apokoronas! No non-local oil or oil from the previous year is mixed into it!


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